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30 years experience

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    We specialise in the repair and maintenance of Fiat, Alfa Romeo and Abarth cars. We also offer the same high quality of service to all other makes and models since we are not linked to a main dealer.

  • Experienced

    Dean has been the head mechanic in a main dealer for almost 20 years, coupled with the 10 years experience of our other mechanic Ben we are confident we can add you to our growing list of happy customers, regardless if you have had difficulties resolving a problem with your vehicle elsewhere. We are often utilised by other garages for the more technical problems.

  • Price

    One of the main areas we concentrate on is hugely reducing the cost of those particularly expensive jobs by sourcing parts direct from suppliers and also carrying out in-house reconditioning of many components that are only available as one whole unit.


Specialists in New/Classic Alfa Romeo Cars, Fiat Cars/Vans and Abarth Cars

Alfa Romeo Cars

We offer a full range of services for all Alfa Romeo’s new and old, from straightforward servicing to engine rebuilds. The classic Alfa’s can be difficult to obtain even the simplest of parts now, but over the last few years we have found various suppliers in this country and across Europe to help keep your cars on the road. With the most modern Alfa’s such as the Giulietta, Mito, Giulia and Stelvio, it’s now more important than ever to have the correct tools and diagnostic equipment. We have the latest witech 2 diagnostic tool which is the factory tool used by the dealers. This means that we can carry out a full and complete diagnosis including being able to re-set that annoying service light once it’s serviced. Just having your brakes replaced involves having diagnostic equipment connected to your car now. We can also carry out software updates which is crucial as nowadays more and more faults with vehicles can be down to just needing the software updated. This can save you hundreds in miss diagnosed parts being fitted to your car.

Fiat Cars/Vans

Fiat have the largest range so experience is invaluable. We can look after any Fiat car or van you have. We have the full range of diagnostic equipment going right back to the old fl tester and Fiat Examiner right up to the very latest factory witech 2 used by all of the dealers. With some of the older Fiat’s having the original diagnostic equipment and the experience to use it with all of the bolt on extras is essential. We are seeing more and more older Fiats now and modern classics such as the Fiat coupe. Having owned a Fiat Coupe and many other Fiat’s Alfa’s Lancia’s and Abarth’s you can be sure your car is in safe hands.

Abarth Cars

These cars are quite often modified to some degree to give them that personal touch or to upgrade performance and handling. We carry a vast range of servicing and spare parts for all of the Abarth range. We are able to carry out all your servicing and repairs plus pretty much any modification or enhancements you may need. This can be anything from a straightforward service or performance re-map to full suspension upgrades and engine rebuilds. If you have something particular please feel free to get in touch and one of the team will get back to you asap.


Fiat 500

As the Fiat 500 is the most popular model in the range, we spend a vast amount of time servicing and repairing these cars. You may be aware that these little cars can become quite expensive to maintain and repair as they age, but we have dedicated a substantial amount of time finding solutions to resolve these issues at a reduced cost. We stock a huge range of parts for the Fiat 500 therefore if our suppliers are closed we can get your car back on the road swiftly. If you have any problems with your Fiat 500 which you have struggled getting resolved elsewhere, or if you would just like some friendly advice please do not hesitate to contact us. Courtesy cars are available upon request, one of which is also a Fiat 500

Fiat 500 climate control system repair

Fiat 500's built between 2008-2012 suffer with a weak heater control system which leads to an internal failure of one of the control flaps causing the heater to usually only blow cold air which during the winter months can be a very cold experience and also cause issues with de-misting. In some cases it can also get stuck on hot so during the summer your stuck with driving an oven. If you have already had this fault investigated you will have probably been told that you will need a replacement heater box at a cost of a small fortune. Some dealers are charging over £2000 for this repair. We have now come up with an in place repair which takes around 2-3 hours to complete and when finished your heating system will work like it did from new. We have now repaired in excess of 250 of these with no reports of the fault returning. The cost for this repair is £175 inc vat. so even if you are not located nearby it's probably still worth the drive. We have even repaired these for a number of customers that come from Across Europe.

Ford Ka (2008 onwards)

These cars are essentially just a fiat 500 under the skin. They where built by Fiat using all Fiat parts. We can carry out any servicing or repairs you may need on your Ford Ka. They suffer with the same faults as the Fiat 500 so if you have an issue feel free to get in touch and I’m confident we will already know what the cause is.

Other Cars

All Cars Welcome

Although we specialise in Fiat and Alfa Romeo we also offer a wide range of services for most other makes and models. The services we offer range from a simple annual service right through to complete engine rebuilds. Contact us for a competitive quote.


Work Undertaken

Clutch replacements.
Timing belt replacements.
Brake repairs.
Engine repairs.
Gearbox repairs.
Suspension repairs.
General servicing and MOT’s.

Other Cars We Specialise In

Jeep Renegade.
Chrysler/Lancia Ypsilon and Delta.
Vauxhall Corsa and Combo.
Peugeot Expert.
Citroen Despatch.
Peugeot Boxer.
Citroen Relay.

Diagnostic Equipment

We have heavily invested in tools and diagnostic equipment to keep your vehicles running at their optimum. All Fiat group cars from 2018 have a security gateway fitted which means unless you have an up to date and software subscription you cannot carry out the simplest of tasks. This can be as straight forward as re-setting a service light after the car is serviced to setting the brakes into maintenance mode. Without the right tool the job cannot be done properly.

Gearbox Repairs

Gearbox faults can be very costly if not diagnosed correctly. Fiat 500’s Punto’s Panda’s and Ford Ka’s plus Alfa mito’s suffer from gearbox bearing failure. We have often had customers quoted in excess of £1500 to have this sorted by replacing the entire gearbox. We can remove and recondition your gearbox using up graded gearbox bearings plus fit a complete new clutch kit. Depending on model this job usually works out at £500-£600 including parts, labour and vat.


If you want a boost in performance or economy we offer a full range of remapping services. From a straightforward performance or economy remap to egr or dpf deletes. If you would like any more info or just to see what your car could gain from a re-map, please feel free to get in touch and we will get back to you asap.

Underbody Anti Corrosion Treatment

Some Fiat Alfa Romeo and Abarth models can suffer with under body corrosion. This can lead to costly repairs such as having complete subframes or suspension beams replaced. We offer various options to remove corrosion and then treat the effected areas. This will hugely prolong the life of those expensive parts for a fraction of the cost of a replacement.

Spare Parts

We carry a vast range of genuine and oe quality parts for all Fiat Alfa Romeo and Abarth cars. This means if our suppliers are closed we can still get you back on the road.

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